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As the most populated region in the world, Asia Pacific has become the growth engine for global insurance industry in recent years. Under the big digital trends and ever-changing customer needs, the insurance in APAC markets has been experiencing massive technological advancement and innovation with the latest insurtechs and digital tools. Companies, no matter incumbents, startups or solution providers, are all experimenting widely in the region to create digital-first and customer-first new insurance. China, SEA, India, Australia, Japan and more countries and markets in the region are all quite active to promote and nurture digital innovations in the industry. Digital is reshaping and will even further change the insurance landscape in APAC, and it presents huge opportunities for those who can always think ahead and start early. 

The Digital Insurance Conference APAC 2023 is committed to building a platform as well as a community in the region to connect, inspire and promote digital transformation in insurance industry.